Week : 26th June to 3rd July

Most of this week was spent in writing testcases and in the process correcting bugs .

Some notable bugs corrected :

1. Splitting the way the length was calculated with respect to whether major axis of corner ellipses along x or y axis .

Some correction resulting ::

Now is rendered properly as :: 

2. Handling case where one innerRadii < 0 .

3. Handling most of [dunno if i missed any] rogue cases like width = 0 and/or height = 0 . Also handling cases like width = 1 , height = 1 ; borderSize = 1 ; borderRadii = 0 .

4. Added function normalize to rationalize cases when sum of borderRadii along a side exceed side length .

Updated total number of testcases tested against to total 26 .


About anil

science is my passion so im here for it
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